Ingredients: Sun-Dried Tomato/Paste, Coriander, French Chives, Chilli, Grain Mustard, Garlic, Cajun Spice & Paprika


GMO Free

MSG Free

Artificial flavouring free


Sugar free

Gluten free

Hormone free

Citric Acid free

Artificial Colourant free

Pesticide free

Artificial Sweetner free


Tunisian origins. A medium hot chilli paste
finished with smoked paprika and tomato
based with a modern twist of Cajun spice
and fresh herbs.
A well-rounded flavour, with a strong and
slow burn of chillies,
Use a rub on beef or chicken as a marinade
before roasting,
as a sauce or additive to sauces and dips
Versatile with almost anything.

Harissa Sauce (260ml)


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